Extend your housing contract from May 23, 2016!

Starting from 23.05.2016 it is possible to extend your housing contract for new accommodation period. Please find more information here >>

Accommondation for period 2016/2017

If you wish to apply for student accommodation for period 2016/2017 you can submit the application for a place starting from June 1st, 2016!
Please do not apply earlier because you will be automatically added to our general waiting list. The offers for dormitory rooms will be announced from the second week of July.

Making the reservation for accommodation

TUT Student Campus applications for accommodation are open through the whole year and we will offer the places or rooms which come available during the academic year. For this reason we ask you to extend your application in every 60 days, otherwise it will lose its validity. Students will be made offers for the available rooms in accordance to the date they submitted the application.


About the need of making smaller repair jobs (broken door locks, light bulbs which need to be replaced, drainage problems, etc), you can give notice through e-Campus system (SERVICE DESK!) - this is the fastest way to reach the repairmen!


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