Places for International students in TUT Student Campus are given out for autumn semester 2016

There has been considerable interest in TUT student housing this academic year. We have received more applications than we have vacant places.
Places in TUT Student Campus houses will become available also during the semester and we continue to make offers to applicants on the waiting list. Thus, we suggest those, who did not receive a housing offer, to find an alternative accommodation for 2-3 months at the beginning of the semester. 
Applications are valid for 60 days, so please do not forget to extend them on time.

TUT Student Campus is now covered by Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi project has been completed and the entire TUT Student Campus is now covered by Wi-Fi. Wireless internet is free. The name of the wireless network is „TTU“.
In the future, we ask you not to use personal Wi-Fi routers in the campus’ rooms.

In case of any internet connection issues please contact tugi at max dot ee or call (+372) 699 0690.


About the need of making smaller repair jobs (broken door locks, light bulbs which need to be replaced, drainage problems, etc), you can give notice through e-Campus system (SERVICE DESK!) - this is the fastest way to reach the repairmen!


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