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RAGNAR NURKSE (1907-1959)

Ragnar Nurkse, probably the most internationally recognized Estonian scientist of the 20th century, was a pioneer of development economics. The mission of this institute is to continue researching and promoting the topics he was affiliated with. Read more >>



Unique MA&PhD degree to understand the capitalist economies and economic development processes by studying developing and transitional countries. Read more >>



Journal and conference on contemporary developments in Public Administration and governance. Read more >>


RNS draws together into a comprehensive research stream: the main questions of interest in the public administration and state governance literatures, public management and public policy discussions and technology development and innovation research. Read more >>



The P2P Lab, established as a RNS and P2P Foundation spin-off, is an independent media lab interested in interdisciplinary research on free/open source technologies and peer-to-peer practices. Read more >>