• Welcome to Tallinn Law School!

    Law School (TLS) contributes to the fulfillment of the mission of Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) by providing research and studies in the area of law. This allows TUT to offer contemporary higher education and knowledge services as well as advance legal science, especially in the areas of technology law, European law and human rights.

    Tallinn Law School has achieved considerable success in the area of internationalisation and high quality of study and research. Advancement of research potential, including opening doctoral studies, are the priorities for the coming years.

    More and more students have chosen to study law at TUT, and our graduates have found work both in Estonia and abroad. Today, ca 800 students study law at TUT, ca 200 of them in English. Our priorities in research and study are:

    • Law & Technology: The development of information technology and innovation are priorities for Estonia, thus it is also important to develop a legal framework that supports them, as well as train specialist lawyers. TUT is the best place for research and study in the area of Law & Technology. Read more >>

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