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Nordic Urban and Housing Research Conference (NSBB) 2014

Urban renewal – diversified responses to the development of housing and public space in cities

The annual conference of the Nordic Urban and Housing Research Network (NSBB) will be held in Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia, 8–10, October, 2014

This year’s conference invites discussions on urban renewal on a broad scale of interconnected topics. Urban renewal may be conceived as a continuous process if not dominant in the today’s making of the quality of life in cities, observable on scenes of residential quarters inextricably bound to public spaces. Widely acknowledged diversification of lifestyles alongside with changing housing preferences as a reflection of cultural turn, on the one hand, and socio-economic restructuring of societies together with increasing consciousness of the need for sustainable conduct, on the other hand, tend to challenge the quest for urban renewal: demand for quality housing, liveability of neighbourhoods and accessibility of public spaces for different groups.

The conference calls for contributing to further conceptualisation of the phenomenon of urban renewal from cross-disciplinary perspectives and offer critical reflections on:

- multiple forms and city-wide practices and policies of urban renewal making equally sense on the level of homes and wider urban contexts mirroring the effects of intertwined social, economic, cultural and spatial processes;

- the analysis of strategies of market and different policy stakeholders and citizen groups, as well as their controversial expectations and differentiated opportunities as they negotiate their interests in cities.


Scientific Committee

Hans Thor Andersen, SBI, Aalborg University
Margarethe Aune, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Sten Gromark, Chalmers Architecture
Mervi Ilmonen, YTK, Aalto
Sigridur Kristjansdottir, Agricultural University of Iceland
Roode Liias, Tallinn University of Technology
Raine Mäntysalo, YTK, Aalto University
Berit Nordahl, Norwegian University of Life Science
Liis Ojamäe, Tallinn University of Technology
Katrin Paadam, Tallinn University of Technology, Chairperson
Eva Sandstedt, Uppsala University
Hedvig Vestergaard, SBI, Aalborg University


Key dates

Abstract submission deadline: 1 September

Early bird registration deadline: 5 September

Final registration deadline: 8 September


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